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Spring is around the corner. Spring is a time for rejuvenation and the weather gets warmer, the days grow longer, there’s a positive energy in the air. For many people, it’s the perfect time to reorganize and refresh their home, while others eagerly get to work in the yard and garden. READ MORE >>

Why some home coverages may surprise you -          Updating the Electrical A homeowner worst nightmare is the house burning down. Now imagine, while its being rebuilt, the city is requiring you to install modern electric system. READ MORE >>

Trying to build savings? Here’s what not to do This year resolution is save money for a rainy day or buy a new house. You thought it out and figured out some ways to cut back. But, not so fast. Just because you save today doesn’t mean you’ll save in the long run. READ MORE >>

How to drive in winter weather Icy conditions, blowing snow and low visibility. Winter driving forces us to use skills that aren’t needed throughout the year. Here are some tips and tactics that may assist you to stay safe on the roads. -          Don’t just jump in the car and go. READ MORE >>

Cut your Winter Energy Costs with the Help of These Tips Winter is here, you most likely have your heat cranked up. Or possibly using a portable heater, fireplace or a lot of blankets. Many homeowners don’t know if they are using the heat efficiently. Here are some reasons why they are not. READ MORE >>

The world we live in today our lives constantly intersect with people around us and some interactions can have surprising consequences. It is important to make careful insurance choices to protect yourself from the unexpected. READ MORE >>

Criminals don’t take the holidays off Giving gifts is the best and so is receiving. But if you aren’t careful with your personal information, including credit cards, you might be gifting thieves just what they wanted. Credit card, debit and prepaid losses is a billion-dollar industry. READ MORE >>

Freezing temperatures can lead to frozen pipes and water damage It’s a cold morning and you head into the bathroom or kitchen, turn the faucet and nothing happens. Guess what, you have a frozen pipe. What do you do? And how do you avoid this potential messy situation. READ MORE >>

Steps on Handling an Auto Accident Safely Negative temperatures, ice patches, wind chills, winter can be a terrible time on the road. And even worst time to get into a car accident. With reduced visibility, slick, roads and possibly a reckless driver, accidents can happen. READ MORE >>

The holiday season gets busy. With so many obligations to attend to, it can be hard to not let the stress of the season settle in. Shopping, gatherings with loved ones, you should take a few minutes of personal time. Unplugging, spending time in nature or just breathing can help you get through this season. READ MORE >>

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