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My Plan or Yours? Employer sponsored benefits can be a cost saving opportunity for most married couples, but choosing the right benefit options can be complicated. You might have different healthcare needs, or one of you may work freelance — so it may not be as simple as picking the cheapest option. READ MORE >>

You graduated from college and land your first job. You get your first paycheck. It is easy to think your finally making good money. But that first check is the first step to learn how to manage your money and prepare for your future. READ MORE >>

Gas Grill Safety A leak or break was the leading factor contributing to gas grill-related fires, according to the NFPA report. -Check the gas cylinder hose for leaks before using it for the first time each year. -Apply a light soap and water solution to the hose, which will quickly reveal escaping gas by releasing bubbles. READ MORE >>

The value of eating right is more then just a number on the scale. Here are 5 strategies to improve ways to eat better in 2017. Eat Whole and feel whole Introducing more whole foods in to your diet. A whole is minimally processed and has less preservatives and additives. READ MORE >>

What is 811? Are you a homeowner or contractor? Did you know that you are required to call the number "811" before digging on any property so that you can be made aware of any underground lines (ex: pipes, cables, associated utilizes) buried in the area? READ MORE >>

From organizing seating arrangements to creating music playlist to keeping in law and family members happy, planning for your wedding involves a lot of decisions. A wedding can also mean a investment as couples and their families plan full wedding weekends complete with rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself and send off brunch. READ MORE >>

Technology has helped to changed auto theft in significant ways. Engine immobilizers, audible alarms and vehicle recovery systems have made cars harder to steal ans easier to recover. Today's thefts are often the product of opportunity, with would be thieves looking for unsuspecting drivers who leave their cars unattended. READ MORE >>

What is home inventory. It will be the most valuable item in your home. The first step is to make a record of every item in your house that you would want and expect to be covered by your insurance. This list should include your computers, TVs, jewelry, antiques, china, art, furniture, gardening equipment, tools, and many other things. READ MORE >>

Renters insurance offers broad protection for tenants, it’s important for consumer to choose the policy that’s best suits their individual needs. The renter’s policy can cover personal belongings, and help cover legal cost in the event you are sued for accidental bodily injury or property damage of others. READ MORE >>

April is national driving awareness month. These are important facts about texting and driving. - According to the preliminary data from the National Safety Council, as many as 40,000 people died in motor vehicle accidents in 2016. - In the 5 seconds it takes a person to look at their phone they can drive the length of a football field. READ MORE >>

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